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Entrepreneur: When you’re looking for RESULTS,
you will need the best tools available

6 Aspects of Mentorship

  1. Different point of view – the mentor’s experience can bring new insights to something that you (and your team) thought you had already seen
  2. Taunts – get out of the comfort zone through provoking questions that will bring you new insights.
  3. Other Sources – Receive, properly compiled, the life experience of a professional with 30 years of market experience. about books, lectures, authors, conferences and other recommendations.
  1. Tasks and Missions – During the 10 meetings, important tasks are distributed to help achieving the expected results.
  2. Validation – we expand ideas, thoughts and projections to get some market validations and be as closer of reality as possible.
  3. Networking – The mentor’s network can be available to you to accelerate the gathering of information, contacts and create business opportunities.

But Why Mentoring
with NLP?

Because NLP
(Neurolinguistic Programming)
has an impressive reach
 over the human mind
and all its

In other words, we can solve the most varied issues with NLP tools -,
or at least address these issues (bring up) to be solved later.

This brings an EMOTIONAL TRANQUILITY to the entrepreneur and his team,
as there are some complex problems to be solved in a 1h meeting.
Therefore, we also offer Individual Online Sessions.


My story as an Entrepreneur

I started my professional history studying IT at Senac (Brazilian Commerce education institute) at age 17 in 1989. I started entrepreneurship at age 20 by requirement, not an option. On the course of time, it started to get more evident every day – that I was born for it. Make my choices, set my path, build my story.

In 1992 I started my Technology for Lawyers business – Tecnosoft. For 8 years I have served more than 500 attorneys, individually or in legal company’s department- including companies such as Randon, Agrale, Veirano & Associados and other big names in the south Brazil.

In 2000 I switched to marketing, keeping my foot in technology and working mainly with digital marketing. But the strategy has always been the goal, so I started to do some consultancies, and to plan was a major cultural challenge, especially for small business owners.

In 2004 I gave my first series of lectures in Florianópolis, Horizontina and Caxias do Sul (Brazil), starting my dream of being a speaker. In 2006, my desire to go abroad led me to the great adventure of work in CRUISE SHIPS , which I dedicated 1 year and soon returned as a consultant.

Upon returning I was invited to create an online course that had very interesting results. So in 2011 I founded Partager Brazil – Online Learning with other partners, starting in the online courses sector. We attended  ABMI – Brazilian Real Estate Market Association in a course that had 3 editions and more than 400 enrolments.

In 2018 I decided to realize my dream of working exclusively with people – and I began, with the help of marketing partners, this journey to serve entrepreneurs (and leaders) with NLP and business strategy.

In 2019 I opened Pont Investment Club , another business that I run. Together, it sums 30 years contributing in different ways with entrepreneurship development.

of how NLP has PRACTICAL application 
in the entrepreneur’s daily life

  • An IT entrepreneur struggling to ASK for his team results from delegated tasks. We identified that the origin of limitation was at a time of childhood. After reframing, everyday life became lighter and easier, and the results came together.
  • A health sector businesswoman struggling to RECORD VIDEOS . After continuous advisory work, today she feel safe making content for social networks – which help to sell much more. And she do this alone, by the way.
  • A coach who could not focus on his PERSONAL CARE – gym, studies, etc. – which was generating anxiety. With just one session, he has increased his productivity significantly and felt more relaxed.
  • A Physical Educator, who thought she needed to DROP ALL for a new career, was able to balance her goals and was happy again, doing her job in a different way.
  • A food delivery entrepreneur who needed to validate his business before investing. After our project, he felt confident to take the next steps and invest to start his business.
  • A lawyer seeking to CHANGE THE SERVICE PROFILE to focus on more conciliatory care was able to make the change and feel much better and focused on her main goals.
  • There are MANY results over 30 years of career.
The consultancy helps to see new things, from different perspectives, among the knowledge of years that the consultant has passed that delivers you promptly. So it worth a lot.
I have always obtained the best results from client companies, for the dedication, motivation and competence presented in dealing with issues related to Information and Communication Technology.
Lucas is a professional, well formed and he brings to the table excellent and innovative ideas for your business, and he is also super punctual and very charismatic.

What can we work on in sessions?


Undertake, have a business, be an entrepreneur.

All of this involves many aspects – that we are not always aware of. 
Issues we can address:

  • EXPANDING my business – leveraging digital resources
  • How to better organize my workday as an entrepreneur
  • Delegate Teamwork and Know How to ask for Results
  • Develop PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to deal with complex subjects, clients and projects
  • How to walk towards the internationalization of my business
  • How to make better use of TECHNOLOGY so my business and I can save time

The mentoring service is a series of conversations between the professional and the entrepreneur
seeking to find new ways to solve current issues.

It is not a magic formula for solving problems.

It consists of a set of techniques and experiences accumulated over 30 years of consulting, attendance, lectures, meetings, events, courses, partnerships and all other things that make the entrepreneur’s life happen.

If you have questions about the process or are interested in other courses and lectures, feel free to click here and chat with me on whatsapp and talk about it .

Remember that you are the primary responsible for your success.
But you don’t have to think about every detail alone.