Here we are! In Brazil!

Hi there, international visitors!

Finally I’ve made a post in English to welcome you!

So I am Lucas Selbach and live in Brazil as a Business Coach, Consultant and Conferencist. I work with Marketing for SMB (Small and Medium Business), specially when technology is involved. I also work with Education, helping professionals to build and promote courses (online and classroom).

I’ve lived almost all my life in Brazil, so I know lots about local market. So, if you have plans to invest in Brazil, please be my guest and send your idea or plan, and we can start a conversation.

I’ve also lived abroad, in Cruise Ships, while I was in Princess Cruises. It was an awesome experience and brought me lots of knowledge and practical skills. My book about this matter will be launched soon (click here if you want to be emailed when it happen).

Through time I will make English posts too, so remember to access our channels of content

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Keep in touch!

See you around!

Lucas Selbach

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